We wrote the book on divorce finance. Literally.

As one of the most sought after divorce financial specialists in the country, Divorce Consigliore™ Michelle Smith is:
  • Co-author of Divorce & Your Finances
  • A member of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
  • A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
  • A Divorce Mediator
A settlement is just the start.

As Divorce Financial Planners, our role is to:
  • Manage, protect and grow your assets
  • Align your financial needs with your lifestyle needs
  • Plan your investments in a risk adverse manner
Divorce is a process. Not an event.

As leading experts in divorce finance, we will help you:
  • Completely understand this complex process
  • Keep emotions out of the equation so you remain objective
  • Make reasoned, rational decisions at every critical stage
  • Always act as your advocate
Divorce isn’t just an event. It’s a process.

Divorce can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Smith FSG is here to bring you peace of mind and guide you step-by-step through what can seem to be an alien and unnecessarily intimidating process.

As one of the leading and most sought after divorce financial professionals in the industry, Michelle Smith has seen it all during her 25 years of practice. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™), her financial planning and investment expertise serve as the basis for the divorce financial specialty at Source Financial Advisors. She and her team have developed a holistic process from lifestyle review to settlement analysis that will educate and give you the confidence to pursue the best path forward.

Take a deep breath. Our many years of experience ensures that you have a trusted advisor to lean on during the entire process for clear thinking, perspective, guidance and access to the skills and services necessary to ensure that everything will – ultimately – be okay.